Same town and often when it works out these 3 hot dog vendors meet at the same bar to catch up on the day.

3 Hot Dog Vendors Walk Into A Bar

The first vendor – down and out – he orders a shot – of cheap whisky.

The second vendor – he looking beat, he orders a double of the cheapest scotch.

The third vendor – happy as usual. Orders a top shelf bourbon and then pays for the other 2’s drinks.

hot dog vendors struggling


The bartender asks – What’s the secret to successful vending?

The first vendor: You gotta have great condiments and lots of them.

The second vendor: No, it’s the buns – hot fresh steamy buns will do the trick – every time.

The third vendor – sipping on his scotch: “A hungry crowd.”

If your crowd’s not hungry – then it doesn’t matter how many condiments you carry – NOR – how soft your buns are.

I watch some vendors struggle with this. They have a great setup, they have a fantastic menu…


They aren’t where the hungry.

Are you hungry?

Come on over. HERE


Ben “Hungry” Wilson



Ever thought about giving up? Cory did too…

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