Lemonade vending can be started with very little time and less money. You could go all out and have less than $1000 invested in your first setup – including the items you plan to sell. [COGS]

It’s an immediate cash infusion. Many start there and end up here – hot dog vending. (but keep lemonade vending)

Why hot dogs? Because it’s legal in all 50 states and can be done on the cheap. Of course you can purchase a $250,000.00 food truck but most start with less than a few thousand.

You can start hot dog vending with as little as a card table and a crock pot in some states. Most start with a cart. A mobile hot dog cart. Or as I like to call them: mini mobile kitchens. < what you can do<

A hot dog cart, mini mobile kitchen can be used for catering gigs. It can be used for roadside vending, events and more.

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I know. It can seem overwhelming. And maybe you need a little motivation.

Based on real numbers from real vendor data (2016 – 2018) Click For More

Are you?

Making that?

Are you getting several months off a year?


You can start hot dog vending for under $500 but in a perfect world, having about $4,000 would be ideal. From deciding you want to do it – till the time you’re rocking and rolling – is typically anywhere from one week to 3 weeks.


How To Start A Hot Dog Cart Business

Vendors like Jason Brown (ex cop), Cory Lawrence (almost quit) and hundreds more started with very little money. They now enjoy lucrative businesses and are on just about every training we do inside the Vendors United® private group.

Others have DIY’d a food trailer or cart.

Not bad when you consider the average food trailer will run you about $19,000.00. And hundreds have built their own hot dog cart (mini mobile kitchen).

I’ve watched chiropractors start part time and end up closing their medical business. I’ve seen police officers, military vets, truck drivers, laborers, farmers, boat captains, restaurant employees and managers and about every thing in between.

About every single occupation.

Yes… even a couple lawyers.

It’s hole digging steps. Follow the steps and YOU will be successful.


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