I gave you a link on the previous page (actually lots of them) – but one mentioned catering. But what I want to introduce to you now is another (a favorite) way to make lots of money (cash infusions) with very little investment – no risk – and something I’ve been teaching vendors for several years now.

Drop-off catering. And I’m going to go a step further (see this).

Forget the white linen tablecloths, fine dinnerware and eleventy-seventeen employees. This can be done easily and can be started on a shoestring budget from a pay as you go hotel room. (no joke)

Not that you’d want to.

And because the three links above will give you more than enough food for thought… I’ll cut this here so I can get over to tell you about the next big thing. It’s on the last page (page 8) and you might just wish I’d of told you about this first.

But I have my reasons.

I listed all of these (guaranteed to make you a great income while providing freedom) options in a specific order. Easiest and most lucrative combined. Fail proof (they all are) but I can still see that little “shiny object” glare in your eye.

Stay focused. (Chris couldn’t)

And meet me on page 8.

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