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A little effort now and you’ll have a clear path to a future you had only been dreaming of.

The Cottage Act!

Most states have adopted some form of the Cottage Industry Act. They’re laws that allow folks (like you and me) to start a food vending business from our homes. To cook, to package and to sell to the public.

Cottage Food Laws By State

Prior to this, we mostly had to have a commissary. A commercial kitchen. A place to prep, cook, bake, store and package the foods to be delivered. Not the end of the world now, but prior to a few years ago, it was a daunting task for some. (see this easy way)

Now.. the cottage industry has thrived. Every day – folks start a food vending business from their kitchens. There are some restrictions on what can be made, but overall, it’s a simple process and usually doesn’t even require a health department permit – nor inspections.

You can find out what your state requires by typing this into a Google search box:
Cottage industry requirements in (your state)

I interviewed a lady who started with cakes from her kitchen – and it took off for her. Since then – many others have started from home.

And lemonade vending to hot dog vending to drop off catering (all can be done from home) – as in – you need not report to some office for an 8 hour shift.

Hot dog vendors don’t work 8 hour days. They work closer to 3 & 4 hours (and only a couple to a few days a week). Lunch is the primary target for street food. This is an 11:AM to 1:PM gig.

And there’s even more. Just recently… I went and visited vendors again. (link below)

That’s it.

The light at the end of the tunnel is exposed.

Not a train.

It’s your freedom.

And if you want to hear it from real vendors (as if I’m not)…  then check out a few here. And of course there are many more on the blog.

And if you want MORE.

I’ve got something I created for you here. FREE! And you can also keep up with my live broadcasts by going here.

My goal was to “reframe” some of your reality about how to escape the rat race. To give you a real chance of freedom.  To give you some perspective.

When asked what single event was the most helpful to him in developing the theory of relativity — Albert Einstein is reported to have answered: Figuring out how to think about the problem.

That right there is one of the reasons why I wrote this content for you. Half the battle is having a deeper understanding of what needs to be done — and why.